XML Page

XML Page

"Talking about My Generation" (with Juri Leino) Declarative Amsterdam 2023 Slides (PDF, 8.3M)

"Adventures in Single-Sourcing XQuery and XSLT" Balisage 2023 Slides (PDF, 5.8M)

"Metadata for Creators" Balisage 2022 Slides (PDF, 16.6M)

"Fast Bulk String-Matching" Balisage 2021 Slides (PowerPoint, 7.4M)

XQuery code libraries; random distributions and noise functions, geometric code, Aho-Corasick implementation, etc.

"XML for Art"; Balisage 2020 Slides (PDF, 5.5M)

"Brzozowski_Derivatives Applied to JSON Schema"; Balisage 2019 Slides (Powerpoint, 1.3M)

"Metaphors We Code By"; Balisage 2018 Slides (Powerpoint, 45M)

"Concrete Syntax of Documents: Purpose and Variety" (retrospective on thesis work in modern XML context); Balisage 2017 Slides (Powerpoint, 400K)

"Markup as Index Interface: Think Like a Search Engine"; Balisage 2015 Slides (Powerpoint, 500K)

"Type Introspection in XQuery"; Balisage 2012 Presentation (Prezi: unzip and run app, 11M) Component diagram.

"Schema Component Paths for Schema Metrics"; Balisage 2010 Slides (Powerpoint, 800K)

XML Schema Component Designator tools

XML Schema FAQ

Two takes on a MathML schema: with substitution groups and with choice groups

DTD to Schema tool update (see W3C site for original)

XML Overview

XML Developer's Day 1998 Presentation (PowerPoint, 120K)